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August 2020


Three-year-old spayed female Berger Blanc Swiss dog with a 1-2 year history of slowly progressive skin lesions which began as alopecia and crusting of pinnal margins (Figure 1) that later developed into moist exudative dermatitis of the elbows and hock (Figure 2) and then into papules and nodules of the distal limbs (Figure 3).


Skin biopsy specimens were obtained and submitted for histopathology. The morphologic diagnosis was: Severe diffuse interstitial, perifollicular and nodular dermatitis with sebaceous gland loss, orthokeratotic and parakeratotic hyperkeratosis and focal furunculosis with ulceration, suppurative epidermitis and serocellular crusts 



 Figure 1. Pinna.

Figure 2. Elbow.

Figure 3. Distal limb.



Figure 4.



Taking into consideration the information you have been provided, of the follwing choices, what is the most likely diagnosis:



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