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April 2021


 A one-year four-month old male Basser Hound had a 48 hour-history of an acute onset of vesicles and erosions on  the nasal planum (Figure 1A), at the margins of the pads on all four feet (Figure 1B) and the buccal (Figure 2A) and lingual mucosa (Figure 2B). Separation of the pads was observed within 24 hours of onset, accompained by hemorrhage and purulent exudation. Lethargy, lameness, hypersalivation, anorexia and generalized lymphadenomegaly accompained the dermatological signs. Recent drug administration was limited to afoxolanerand milbemycin oxime given 21 days before the development of clinical signs. Punch biopsies (6mm) were taken from the nasal planum, buccal mucosa and from the margins of multiple digital pads. 



Figure 1.


Figure 2.

Figure 3.


Figure 4.


Figure 5.


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Figure 7.


Figure 8. 


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