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ISVD Dermatopathology Day - Saturday September 18 2021


The ISVD will host an entire day with the focus on sebaceous glands’ biology and pathology, skin tumour markers, diagnostic dilemmas and mystery slides sessions. We are still looking for contributions from our membership to guarantee interactive and lively sessions. Regarding the diagnostic dilemmas session, we are looking for presenters that discuss cases or diseases, where based on histopathology, two or more differentials are possible and therefore can easily be misdiagnosed. The presenters are expected to indicate the morphologic clues that can be used to differentiate the conditions and lead to a final diagnosis. Emphasis should be put on differential and morphologic diagnoses of the selected conditions, using a comparative approach. This session should include clinical photographs. Preferentially, but not exclusively, diseases involving sebaceous glands are welcome (e.g. reactive histiocytosis/ sterile granuloma/leishmaniosis).

Furthermore, we are interested in receiving one more mystery slide case.

Please submit a short case description with some representative pictures for review no later than Sunday, January 31, 2021 to Dr. Stefano Borio (




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