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April 2024

  • September 01 - 2023
  • Case of the Month
    •     A 3-year-old, FS, Pomeranian presented for alopecia for the last 15 months. Currently treated with Melatonin 1.5 mg SID. Some response to melatonin and bathing with Pomeranian beauty recovery mask. No previous allergy testing or complications with vaccines. Simparica Trio

Monika Welle Slide Collection

Intro Letter

  • October 16 - 2023
  • Monika Welle
    • Dear Colleagues, As some of you might know, I have collected more than 1500 skin slides over the last 25 years, and I would like to make them available to interested veterinary pathologists and veterinary dermatologists, as well as to residents

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